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  1. Tish

    Friday, June 23, was an amazing day for me. I was thinking about loved ones who have passed, knowing I had a reading booked with Opie later that evening. I’m not kidding when I say this woman is amazing! She was able to validate and connect with my most cherished loved ones on the other side. Opie asked me about the entity that came to sit on my bed. I was shocked. This happened when I was around 7 years old and scared me badly. She said it was my grandma coming to check on me. I told Opie that my grandma passed away a few weeks prior to this entity making an appearance. This is just one of many things she spoke of that validated our interaction.
    If you have never had a reading or are on the fence about trying it. I’m telling you now take that chance with Opie!!! It was such and amazing experience!!!

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