Intuitive Development


Are you seeking tools and guidance to build understanding and development of your intuition?  Have you always known you’re an empath but needing support to have in depth understanding? Are you someone who is practicing in supporting others through energy or intuitive work? Have you always felt like there may be some pieces missing in your development to strengthen your work?

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to step into your intuitive development, then I have an amazing offer for you! This unique course is the fundamentals of your intuition to build a strong foundation and understanding of your strength within. This experience is specific to learning the fundamentals of spiritual awareness, techniques, tools, strategies and approaches in intuitive development and self-exploration. 

This course is the perfect place to start and be supported on your path as you step into your abilities or newly connecting to your remembering or awakening. 



Looking to strengthen your intuition and build stronger understanding of your abilities? Step forward from this course with a strong foundation of clarity and confidence in self! 

We will be exploring…
*Foundations of Knowledge based on Intuition to strengthen and challenge your abilities and development
*Daily Practices of clearing, grounding and meditation
*Understanding Energy Information around Aura’s, Chakra’s and Physical Communication in the body
*Overcoming fears and self-empowerment
*Dealing with Uncertainty within yourself and building that trust that you are able to manage anything in your path
*Set you up for Success in beginning your practice

 From this specialized course you will gain:
*Self-development of intuitive abilities with exercises and hands on guidance to build confidence in your practice
*Tools to work through blocks that come up in accelerating expansion with intuitive development
*Providing a safe and positive environment to challenge yourself
*Create a strong confidence and secure foundation for your lifetime practice,

Stop wasting valuable time and advance yourself with the support of a community built for intuitive development. This is truly the foundation of development for all individuals seeking all types of expansion of intuition. Whether you are a practicing professional in the energy world or just someone wanting to explore their own understanding. This is the course for all levels to build on. For any courses or mentorship with myself through Opies Connection this will be a required course. Then I will be able to really support one on one development with you from here. 


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