I first saw Opie a few weeks before my first pre-trial against my abusive ex. I held sole custody of our son, a ruling he disagreed with.

I was so nervous and full of fear about having to sit in in a room with this person for hours because I had not physically been around him in 18 months due to his restraining order.

I basically cried the entire session, actually I started crying before I even sat down. It’s like she could see into my soul and knew exactly how I was feeling and what my fears were. Opie told me that the worst is behind me, that my son and I were safe, and he couldn’t hurt us anymore.

She said my grandpa, who had passed when I was just a kid, was with my son and protecting him.

She told me how strong I was. I was not the person my ex told me I was. I was this strong, mighty lioness, protecting her cub.

I went to the pre-trial and few weeks later and looked him in the eye and felt no fear! He knew that I was no longer a victim that he could bully into submission. I stayed strong in my stance, and we came away with the same outcome. A heck of a lawyer bill, but my son was still safe in my care.

A few months later, I had to physically do exchanges with this person but first I set boundaries. I surprised even myself with my boundaries and my ability to not back down! Everyday I feel more and more like myself…who I was before that relationship.

I am forever grateful to Opie and her amazing gifts. I don’t know how, but she helped me reclaim my power that had been missing for years. She is a gift and I am so happy I know her!

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