After being so fortunate that fate brought Opie into my life, I was immediately intrigued when I saw she was offering animal sessions.  We have a new puppy and have just been struggling trying to meet his needs as he is so different in personality and temperament that previous dogs (of the same breed) that we’ve had.  Knowing how magical sessions with her can be, I took the plunge could not be more grateful for Opie’s intuition and guidance when it comes to our sweet boy M.

One of the first thing she asked me is “what’s with the licking?”  I was stunned.  M has been licking us right from when we got him and I was always letting him because he seemed sad and I thought it was comforting him.  She was able to tell me the opposite was true, he was in fact trying to comfort me as he could sense my anxiety as well as using it to show dominance.  Right from that to giving me some advice on how to help soothe his sore teeth (which I knew were bothering him given the drool, but she picked up on), to telling me we need to wear him out mentally (he’s a super smart boy and needs the stimulation) as well as physically, her guidance was invaluable.

I’ve been more confident with him in the last week, and that has translated to a change for the positive in his behaviour.   I was very worried we weren’t giving him what he needed and thanks to Opie my anxiety is eased and I know my sweet boy is happy and loved and will continue to grow into a wonderful companion.  M also gives Opie a 5 star review for telling his mom that he needs more cheese for treats.

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