I have been wanting to write this review for quite some time now, but the first experience I had with Opie is really hard to put into appropriate words. I have been told I am good with words, and I’m struggling to explain exactly how incredible my experience was.

I was so nervous to meet Opie. It was a new experience and I had no idea what to expect. When Opie opened the door for me to greet me, her energy, smile and soul was absolutely radiant and within seconds my nerves were gone and I was overcome with nothing but joy. It is hard to describe Opies presence and what it does to your soul but I will try. Her smile is like a huge hug on a really tough day, her voice is the high you get after doing some of your favorite things with your favorite people, her soul is pure magic.

I went in to my session not really knowing why I was there. All I knew is I was trusting I would get everything I needed out of our time together, and to be honest I got so so so much more. My experience with Opie was far more than I could have ever imagined. It was life changing. Her gift is rare and beautiful.

I know Opie will be in my life for years to come, don’t waste your time. Everyone needs to experience her magic.

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