As a child I could see spirit. They looked like translucent humans to me. At night time was when they would try and communicate to me. My family always spoke of me having serious night terrors all of my youth. When I was around 8-10 years old they started blocking me of my abilities as it was time to start my life lessons. I was cut off from most of the abilities I had as a child. I was always highly emotional and sensitive in personality. I loved to daydream and sit and stare into the sky. I spent as much time as I could outside in nature. I didn’t have any awareness about anything to do with spirit or modalities around it until my mid 20’s. In 2013, I had my first experience with a psychic medium and it opened my world to what was possible for me.

For many years I worked in construction or doing manual labour. I really loved working with my hands and keeping active. In 2006 I had a serious neck injury that almost killed me. I then had to switch careers after that as I no longer able to do anything physical without experiencing the consequences. I finally got a certificate through college for office education and really enjoyed the change in scenery. In 2011 I got hired with the federal government and enjoyed working as an analyst for them for 10 years. In fall of 2021 I left the government to pursue my calling as a psychic medium

I have had an intense journey in life. Experiencing much trauma and challenges that gave me and intense crash course into the complexities of life. This has also given me an incredibly diverse and unique perspective to others challenges as most likely have navigated these waters at some point as well. 

When my life literally blew up, I looked to a local psychic medium for assistance on how to navigate my challenges. I left there in absolute shock and awe of her incredible work and the importance it leaves to this world. I clearly remember saying to myself ‘how cool would it be to be able to help people like that’. Little did I know many years later another healer would point out how strong my abilities are within. I delayed looking into this aspect of myself until I had a calling within so strong it was literally all I could think about. I took my first step by taking a course recommended to me and then my new path began. 

Since I was behind on my path spirit has been hyper speeding my path ever since connecting. I was absolutely overwhelmed with joy and love being able to assist individuals in closure, clarity, healing, and self empowerment. I just wanted to live and breathe my work in any way that I was able to. It just all clicked why I had lived through such challenging times in my life and the true purpose of it all. It was the first time I knew I had connected to my purpose with my work and the future was now limitless for me and my family. 


FEBRUARY 2024 | YI JIN JING: Classic of Changes with Robert Peng Qigong

MARCH 2024 | Permanently Anchor Your 12th Dimensional Chakras with Diana Cooper

MARCH 2024 | Meet The Archangels with Diana Cooper

JANUARY 2023 | Activate your 5D Third Eye for Enlightenment, Abundance, Vibrant Health and Psychic Awakening with Diana Cooper

FEBRUARY 2023 | Open your Crown Chakra to attune to cosmic connections with Diana Cooper

FEBRUARY 2023 | Progressive Trance Healing and Speaking with Andrej Djordjevitch DSNU through Arthur Findlay College.

MAY 2022 | Daytime Weekly Mediumship Development Circle Course with School of Mediumship & Spiritual Studies 

JUNE 2022 | Reiki Level III – Master Teacher in Usui/Holy Fire III System of Natural Healing with Elaine Geni

OCTOBER 2022 | Received Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards — Medium Certificate of Spiritual Excellence 2022 Green Certificate of Spiritual Excellence 2022 presented by Amber Price

NOVEMBER 2022 | Progressive and Intensive Online Course Bundle by Dr Joe Dispenza

DECEMBER 2022 | Lillian Too’s Online Feng Shui Extravaganza 2023

DECEMBER 2022 | The Evidence and the Essence with Minister Suzanna Gibson-Foy through The Arthur Findlay College // Education on Evidential Mediumship

FEBRUARY 2021 | Protection & Energy Clearing Practices with School of Mediumship & Spiritual Studies 

MARCH 2021 | Self EmRes Course with Body Wisdom LLC with Melanie L. Palm

APRIL 2021 | Erica Carrico – Soul Business Accelerator

NOVEMBER 2021 | Reiki Level I in Usui/Holy Fire III System of Natural Healing with Elaine Geni

DECEMBER 2021 | Reiki Level II in Usui/Holy Fire III System of Natural Healing with Elaine Geni

JUNE 2020 | MindScape with International BodyTalk Association

AUGUST 2020 | Psychic and Intuition Training Program with School of Mediumship & Spiritual Studies 

OCTOBER 2020 | Canadian Mediumship Summit with School of Mediumship & Spiritual Studies with Mary-Anne Kennedy, Amber Price, Jay Lane, Lisa Scrivens, Jackie Dennison, and Liz Throp