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  • Alignment Guided Meditation


    Welcome to Opies Connection resources. I am excited to share with you the basis of my connection process. This meditation is centered on clearing your residual energy, grounding you deep into the earth, filling with universal protection, and then opening all chakras and assisting in removal of blockages.
    I will take you through a guided meditation to help center you and align your energy for the day. Join me for this 18 minute connection focusing on your expansion!
    Intro: 1 to 6:33 minutes
    Meditation: 6:34 to 22:19
    Closing Chakras: 22:20 to 24:57
    Total Run time: 24:57
    Meditation is not exchangeable and is non-refundable. Download file at time of purchase to avoid any issues. Material purchased is for entertainment purposes. This should not be used for treatment of any conditions or diseases. By purchasing you acknowledge you are using at your own risk. This meditation is not to be played in a moving vehicle or while operating any machinery. Please make sure you are seated in a safe area while listening.

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  • Gift Card


    Please note: Gift Cards are not eligible for coupons, but are discounted automatically for the Black Friday Sale.

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  • Intuitive Development


    Are you seeking tools and guidance to build understanding and development of your intuition?  Have you always known you’re an empath but needing support to have in depth understanding? Are you someone who is practicing in supporting others through energy or intuitive work? Have you always felt like there may be some pieces missing in your development to strengthen your work?

    If this sounds like you and you’re ready to step into your intuitive development, then I have an amazing offer for you! This unique course is the fundamentals of your intuition to build a strong foundation and understanding of your strength within. This experience is specific to learning the fundamentals of spiritual awareness, techniques, tools, strategies and approaches in intuitive development and self-exploration. 

    This course is the perfect place to start and be supported on your path as you step into your abilities or newly connecting to your remembering or awakening. 

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