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Psychic Mediumship

My strength is communicating with your loved one’s that have crossed over with a Medium Reading as well as communicating with your spirit guides to provide guidance in your life choices in a Psychic Reading. We can explore both or focus on one. This is entirely dependent on what you seek as I am here for you in our time together. These sessions are intended to help provide you with direction, validation, closure, clarification, or anything else you are looking for. My role is to be here for you and provide connection to spirit. If there are any topics you are not comfortable exploring, we can stop and go in a different direction at any point. My goal is to help you find what you’re looking for as you navigate happy times and tough patches of life.

Animal Readings

I am here to support you by communicating to animals alive or passed. My strength is communicating with your beloved pet that has crossed over or providing guidance in life choices for your animal’s current life path. We can explore anything you seek, as I am here for you and your furry friend in our time together. Whether you’re searching for closure and help navigating grief in light of your animals passing or you’re looking to help understand your pet and their quirks a little bit better, I am here to support you in this journey.


During a one-on-one Mentoring Session with me, we will explore and work toward strengthening your intuitive abilities. These sessions are individually based on the level you are at now and how I can support you in building on your abilities. You will learn essential tools in practicing this trade and build on exercises to strengthen your abilities. I will also bring spiritual connection from the other side so we can expand on what is asked of you in your intuitive journey. I am here to help you explore everything you are capable of and hone in on your abilities to connect with spirit in whatever capacity you seek.

Does your child show signs of having abilities?

I’m here to assist your family and child in any way I can with psychic mediumship or mentorship services. If your child requires in-person sessions to feel more at ease send me an email at and I will do whatever I can to accomodate them.


Usui Reiki is a Japanese technique for connecting to your energetic body. The benefits of receiving this ancient technique for your overall wellbeing is stress reduction and relaxation. This allows the human body to promote releasing what no longer aligns with our overall wellbeing. I will connect to your body’s communication energetically and assist it in our time together. This session is solely based on your energy centers (chakra system). No psychic or mediumship messages will be communicated during this session. At this time will only be available in person.

My mini session with Opie was such a blast!! She is so energetic and warm...lots of insight, spirit messages and laughter!! She delivered a much needed confirmation for my soul path

Thanks Opie for your kindness and positive energy! See you soon!!

It is hard to explain the happiness and peaceful calmness I felt after spending an hour with Cheryl. It was like hanging out with a caring friend who gave me some great advice to help deal with what life throws my way. Cheryl makes you tear up and laugh with the amazing connections she made with past love ones. I highly recommend trying this amazing experience with Cheryl.


My session with Cheryl was incredibly empowering. To begin with, her energy is effervescent and the space she creates is so open and engaging. The information she shared, in such a loving and fun way, provided me with comfort and so much determination for future steps. There is absolutely no doubt of her connectedness. I am very grateful for Cheryl and the many gifts she shared with me. Please book time with her. Gifts like hers are meant to be shared with as many people as possible.


Each day since our visit my eyes or mind have been opened to more and more messages. I had the best sleep that night because so many emotions were released or because baggage was gone or because I now know how to deal with them... Yes I have been writing and then heading to the burning barrel! Thanks so much and we will definitely be in touch again. Take care my New Friend.

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